How Do I Sell My Franchise?

Owning a franchise is a terrific method for entrepreneurially minded individuals to embrace a business with a strong brand and with proven success. If, as a franchise owner, you want to sell your existing franchise and scale upwards to more profitable ventures, you will need to take several measures to conduct a smooth sale.  How to Sell a Franchise … Read more

The Layman’s Guide to Contractual, Structural, Regulatory, and Litigation Risk

Contractual, structural, regulatory, and litigation risks are the four primary types of legal risk. Contract risk is regarded as the most challenging legal risk to foresee or measure. Contract writing must be of the highest quality since every word, line, and sentence matters. If you operate a company in Texas, your business needs contracts drafted specifically to … Read more

How is a Judgment Enforced in Texas?

In Texas, there are various options for executing a judgment, but you must know where to begin. Consult a collection attorney in the region where your debtor lives or has assets. A Texas judgment confers some advantages, which your attorney might utilize to get the interest of the judgment debtor. The Law Offices of Alex R. Hernandez Jr. will … Read more

The Essential Guide to Corporate Recordkeeping

Often, we execute tasks in a particular manner because we’ve been told it’s meant to be that way; however, it’s something totally another to comprehend the importance and meaning of your actions. Recognizing the advantages of recordkeeping may help firms find methods to streamline processes and improve crucial areas of operations. Similarly, understanding the dangers … Read more

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